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EPB Macro Research Premium


Top features

  • A monthly update on the most cyclical leading indicators of the US economy
  • Includes a discussion of asset class preferences based on leading economic trends
  • Always invest with the cyclical tailwind at your back and improve your asset class selection
  • Stay ahead and get prepared for the next major economic inflection point
  • Published in the second week of each month
  • Cancel anytime. No questions asked. 

EPB Quarterly Presentation & Outlook


Top features

  • Quarterly video presentation with accompanying slide deck
  • A complete trip through the economic cycle with a forward outlook
  • A presentation with a complete framework from secular trends to cyclical trends to asset valuations
  • Asset allocation preference guide based on the investment framework
  • Published within 15 days after the end of each quarter
  • Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

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