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EPB Macro Research Provides...

Macroeconomic research on the most significant long-term and short-term economic trends, as well as the impact on various assets including stock, bonds, gold, and commodities.

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EPB Macro Research publishes free research at least once per month. Topics include macro trends, leading indicators, and asset prices.

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EPB Macro Research provides three research products including weekly writings, a monthly update on leading indicators, and a quarterly presentation. 

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EPB Macro Research has established a multi-year track record of reliable research calls on cyclical macro trends impacting asset prices.

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About Eric


Eric Basmajian is an economic cycle analyst providing analysis on macroeconomic trends both domestically and globally. 


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Looking To Get Ahead Of The Next Major Turn In The Business Cycle?  

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Client Testimonials

Just a few of our clients had to say...

Brandon G

"The service paid for itself many times over in the first month. Eric is a wealth of "Macro" knowledge... so lots of learning opportunities here as well."

Gina D

"I can’t say enough about this service! It is a financial life changing experience for me."


Aaron S

"If you want to stay ahead and aware of the business cycle this is a good tool in your toolbox."

Jordan G

"Discovering EPB Macro Research has truly changed my perspective on investing. I have worked for one of the largest financial institutions for close to 10 years, and never before have I come across such a disciplined and comprehensive research and investment process as EPB Macro Research. My only regret is not finding out about this service earlier."

Joseph D

"EPB is the best macro investing service I have run across in a long time. Eric's economic analysis is well-grounded, his relentless focus on data analysis is unmatched, and his long-term view on risk-averse asset allocation is a useful antidote to pundit hype."

Tony T

"Highly recommend EPB Macro Research to anyone in the investment community. As someone working in the investment management industry with access to research from all of the major banks, I can honestly say Eric's macro work is leagues ahead in terms of accuracy and actionable insights."

Kirill M

"Highly recommended to everyone who wants to understand what is going on in a world economy!"

George N

"Eric provides highly insightful commentary on the state of economy/market, which goes a long way in helping me make unemotional decisions about my investments."

Francis H

"Excellent on all points of view. Worth much more than its price."

Leverage The Most Powerful Short-Term & Long-Term Economic Trends


Dramatically improve your investment performance with a constant understanding of the long-term macroeconomic trends driving asset prices as well as early warning signs of the next cyclical inflection point.

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